Hello. My name is Gelu LupaƟ. I photograph things for the fun of it. I am merely a passenger through life.

The null visual is a place where I publish my photos. It's not a photo blog. In fact it isn't even a blog. It's not weblog, or a blog, or a log, or a segment of a trunk of a tree which has been stripped of its branches, or anything like that. I produce a new photograph every now and then.

I use whatever means and medium I'm comfortable with at a given time. I don't like to alter my photographs. Most of the work is done in the camera. I like to keep a straight approach to photography.

My photographs do not document anything, they do not reveal truth or useful information. They are mere records of everyday life and should be treated as such. The photographs presented here are by no means artistic or in any way related to art. I am not an artist, therefore the product of my work cannot be called art. I do not expect you to like what you see here.

Also, please do keep in mind that the photographs published here are mine and mine alone, unless specified otherwise. If you want to use any of them for any purpose, please ask for permission first. You can contact me via e-mail - it's my first name at devnull dot ro. Comments are now disabled since I got sick and tired of dealing with spam.

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